Getting Started with Bookmetrix

Bookmetrix makes it easy to see all your Springer books' citations, online mentions, online reference manager readership statistics, book reviews, and downloads.

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Data Sources for Bookmetrix

Bookmetrix retrieves book and chapter metadata from Springer and CrossRef, and then aggregates the associated book and chapter metrics from a variety of data sources.

See the table below for information about the various data types included in Bookmetrix:

Data type Source What's shown in Bookmetrix
Citations CrossRef Citation counts by year, as well as a listing of all books and articles that cite the book or chapter, are displayed in the Citations tab of Bookmetrix details pages. New citations data are added weekly.
Online mentions Altmetric The total number of recorded online mentions over time, as well as the mentions themselves, are displayed in the Mentions tab of Bookmetrix details pages. Online mentions data are provided by Altmetric, which gathers attention from a variety of different online sources. At the book level, all online mentions that have been collected for the chapters and the book itself are aggregated. Online mentions data are updated in real-time.
Readers Mendeley Readership counts, demographic data, and geographic locations are displayed in the Readers tab of Bookmetrix details pages. Readership data are provided by Mendeley. Mendeley readership data are updated weekly.
Book Reviews Springer Book reviews selected by Springer are displayed in the Reviews tab of Bookmetrix details pages. New reviews are added weekly.
Downloads Springer Chapter downloads are COUNTER-compliant chapter download totals collected since the current version of SpringerLink went live in 2012. Download counts are updated monthly.

Bookmetrix Details Pages: Viewing Metrics

Bookmetrix details pages are public, and are freely accessible by all. The details pages allow users to view all of the metrics that are associated with Springer books and chapters.

Every Bookmetrix details page contains two components:

  • Book information and a list of all chapters (left-hand side)
  • Book and chapter metrics and data visualisations (right-hand side)

Click through the tabs on the right-hand panel of Bookmetrix details pages to see any available metrics and visualisations. See an example here.